Symphony Telecom

Symphony Telecom

Symphony Telecom

In 2004, Symphony was established and in a short time became known as one of the biggest telecom and data service operators in the Iraqi market. As a pioneer in IT and a telecom technology provider, Symphony strives to build a developed telecommunication network that’s based on real and durable infrastructure with international POPs deployed in the tier1 global Data Centers and 100+ national wide POPs. Symphony Telecom grants its partners the privilege to expand its service footprint to reach out to its customers anywhere. The company has made a big contribution to further develop the Iraqi telecom situation that’s lead to advance and facilitate the Iraqi community through high quality internet connection.

Symphony Telecom plans its strategy based on the customers' needs and ambitions. Considering the real opportunity is supporting its customer's growth and helping them maximizing profits.

* Transmission and Connectivity Services: the proposed telecommunication network system will be able to provide connectivity and transmission services to connect various points on the Iraqi mainland to provide the needed bandwidth for different applications like Internet and user connectivity or government and business connectivity with different granularity be that PDH or SDH or Ethernet or Lambda throughputs

* Inter-border Transit traffic: To be able to carry bandwidth at different granularity from PDH to SDH to Lambda from South of Iraq to North of Iraq to cater for Transnational connectivity between landing points of major Cable providers to enable Carrier of Carrier services.

* Wholesale Services: the network architecture is engineered to provide Wholesale services for other service providers to carry needed capacity for retail and internet and data and business services needed for other service provider’s capacities to offer their end-user services and to connect them to their ISP setups

* Backhaul Services: the network has the ability to expand its functionality to support wholesale backhauling applications for Mobile network operators to groom and concentrate wireless traffic to the MNO concentration points for traffic switching and breakout functionalities

* Retail and Business services: the network has the ability to expand its functionality to support consumer internet applications for users and as well provide private network services and Internet for business to connect users to the internet using any access technology available to local service providers and as well in case of businesses provide local virtual network platform for office connectivity and application access also for remote connectivity to international branches or Headquarter via MPLS VPNs.