Neide Telecom

Neide Telecom

Neide Telecom

Established September 2011

Neide Telecoms provides Wholesale Carrier Services Solutions for clear channel TDM and IP capacities for both Local (DPLC) and International (IPLC) connections.

Neide Telecom’s wholesale carrier solutions enables large and small telecom service providers and enterprise networks originate and terminate traffic across its networks transparently through Neide Telecom’s infrastructure.

Our interconnection service provides the facility and arrangements for providers to establish two-way interconnection, route originating and terminating IC traffic.

i. Guaranteed bandwidth availability

ii. Flexible Bandwidth & Billing options

iii. Complete protocol transparency to support clear channel IP and TDM

iv. Supports familiar TDM and Ethernet technology to connect multiple locations

v. Supports consolidation of data, voice and video services through clear channel pipe.

vi. 24x7x365 Network Monitoring for both local and international capacities

vii. Service level agreements (SLAs) with ≥ 99.999% Availability